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Everything you need to know about personal training insurance

Written by True Topia

September 19, 2021

personal training insurance

Why are we talking about another bonus expense that you need to make before you can jumpstart your personal training journey? True, there are a lot of aspects that a trainer needs to look upon, and personal training insurance often makes up for it in the end. 

But, be rest assured, these plans are the ones that are going to save you a fortune if any unfortunate mishap occurs and your client plans to sue you. Unless you are ready to pay a hefty price, personal training insurance is your best option to save you from such lawsuit.  

What is personal training insurance?

To frame it in simple terms, personal training insurance is an insurance plan for the personal trainer in case of any sort of mishap. While it is in the best interest of the personal trainer to provide the best to its clients, accidents happen every day. 

According to survey reports conducted in 2019, as many as 468,000 people got injured over a year in the states of U.S. due to exercise. In such cases, a personal trainer must have a soft cushion to land on. 

The benefits out of this insurance

For starters, you will get protection against all the primary lawsuit options from your client. 

  • Accidents occurring in the clients resulting in their monetary charges. 
  • Product damage caused by the personal trainer
  • Any lawsuit demanding hefty ransom for the damage. 
  • Supplement-based errors also get covered in certain plans. 
  • Safeguard your finances. 
  • Ensures that you keep working in the industry without any break. 
  • It gives an idea about your professionalism to your clients. 

Now, the question arises, is it really necessary?

Unless you want to spend a fortune paying not just the medical expenses but also the regular medical check-up bills, you are free to omit this. The bill can easily round off up to a six-figure, if not more. 

These may also cost you wage cost, adding a strain to your livelihood. All these factors scream the answer to a confirmed YES!
While we state this, it is also important to understand that having this insurance makes you look no less professional or an inexperienced amateur. These insurances add up to your professional outlook, enhancing it even more. 

Types of personal training insurance plans

There are primarily three categories of personal training insurance options:

  • General liability insurance: This type of insurance policy covers third-party claims over any damaged property or any sort of injury. If one of your clients gets injured during the training, this plan can cover the medical expenses and even loss of wage. 
  • Professional liability insurance: This plan is often known as omission or error coverage. It refers to certain parts of your services or actions that caused an error leading to an accident. Or any sort of unintended negligence towards any step that was supposed to be done (the omission). It covers the needs for the claims that directly relate to you and have happened because of you only. 
  • Product liability insurance: This plan provides you with insurance against product and service-based claims. If a client sues you due to dissatisfaction caused by your services or any product that you offer, this will help you out. Furthermore, if you accidentally cause any product damage, be rest assured that this plan will save your fortune!

Top 3 recognized personal training insurance

Due to its high demand, there are a lot of personal training insurance plans available online. While some of them belong to individual owners, here is a list of the top 3 personal insurance plans that you may want to look into according to the various personal training insurance cost: 

  • NASM: The National Academy of Sports and Medicine offers one of the best personal training insurance plans along with their certifications. It caters to the fitness industry specifically. Their packages start from $11 a month covering up to $500,000 worth of general liability up to the pro plus plan covering up to $2,000,000 worth for $16 a month. 
  • ACE: The American Council on Exercise also provides some of the best insurance plans in the form of yearly packages. Their 1-year policy plan starts from $172 per year covering up to a pre-occurrence fee of $1,000,000 and an annual total of $3,000,0000. Similarly, they have packages for 2-year policy liability limits as well starting from $294 per year. 
  • Protectivity Personal trainer insurance: This personal training insurance gets targeted to the personal trainers of the United Kingdoms. The cover starts from 51Euros per annum giving up to $1,000,000 coverage. 

Personal training insurance: Available online? 

With the rise in the personal training sessions online, a personal training insurance online is a valid question. There is only so much that you can guide via the online modes. 

Unfortunately, there haven’t been enough relevant data stating that there might be a recognized online personal training insurance available. However, some institutions do provide their individual online training insurance. 

How can you protect yourself in such cases?

Here are a few pointers that you may want to consider before your personal training sessions online:

  • Create an online training informed consent where you mention all the objectives, services, and training facilities you provide. It will help your client have a clear understanding. 
  • A client-trainer agreement can help you seal the deal. It informs that the client should take responsibility for the exercises they are doing. It also mentions that you are not liable for any mishap caused as the whole session gets conducted online. 
  • Get in hand with professional liability insurance. 
  • Be specific with your terms and conditions as well.  

Working without a personal training certification is like a sword in the back of your head that might chop it off any day! No matter how professionally trained you are, accidents are called so for a reason.

Even if your training programs provide top-notch services, mishaps may also occur due to faulty training equipment. In such cases, it is a personal training insurance that can become the knight in shining armor.

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