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Networking in Azure: A Guide for Beginners

Networking in Azure 101- Azure Virtual Network (VNet) is the most fundamental component of your Azure private network. Several kinds of Azure resources, such as Azure Virtual Machines (VM), can communicate securely with one...

Microsoft Azure AI and Machine Learning

What is Azure Machine Learning? Azure Machine Learning is an advanced predictive, cloud-based, end-to-end analytics platform; this helps organizations, data scientists, and users of various skills and experience levels. Azure Machine Learning...


Data fuels the modern internet and there can be no applications without it. The hunger for data has been constantly increasing, which has created a need for businesses to come up with a solution that will make working with data more efficient and effective. Microsoft...

Everything You Need To Know About Remote Desktop Management

Remote desktop management is a system of handling multiple remote connections at once. The central server is also known as the terminal server since it hosts all the resources to allocate them to clients when they send the request for a remote desktop connection....

Your One Stop Guide To Apple Remote Desktop

Transferring files from one apple device to another may seem daunting. Especially if you are new into the club of using Apple devices, you may already find this a nightmare. If this sounds relatable then we have a great suggestion for you. Apple remote desktop is at...

Remote Desktop Services

With more and more businesses shifting to remote work, remote desktop services have been the buzz. Remote desktop services enable the user to control and manage an offsite computer or device over a remote network connection. It can be used to host one or multiple...

RDP Security

Since the pandemic outbreak, our work has confined itself to our homes as we virtually connect to our peers. As we have shifted to remote work these days, remote desktop service has become handy to remotely access workstations and computers across the network. Apart...

Signs that you should fire your personal trainer

Did you just spend another week of a disheartening training session? Are you tired of not seeing any results and feeling worse day by day about your workouts? Before you ditch it all and declare yourself a loser, how about you take a deep glance at your trainer? Yes,...

Cross-training VS Cross-fit training: The ideal pick for you

Cross-training and cross-fit training are similar. If this is the idea that you have developed after hearing the names, you are up for some myth-busting. Both of these training workout sessions have gained a lot of popularity amongst the fitness...

Personal training for seniors: What you should know

Healthy lifestyle. What did you think about when you read that term? Regular workouts, clean eating habits, proper mental health, and a healthy environment as you grow. But can you dream about a healthy lifestyle even as a senior? Can you lead a healthy aging life?...