Why micro gyms are influencing the future of fitness?

Sitting at home you hit that cancel button for your gym membership. You shattered the dream of your perfect body for the year. But hold on, have you heard about the rising trend of micro gyms?  While canceling the gym membership was the story of most fitness...


Out of all the lessons that the pandemic offers, the concept of work from home was listed at the top. We all have thoroughly come to terms with the fact that 'work from home' isn't a piece of cake as it sounds. Starting from all the unconventional work lifestyle to...

Online Personal Trainers

When you are locked inside four walls, in the current scenario, don’t you miss wandering outside? The coffee breaks in office canteen were definitely the best times. Daily hustles are on a pause due to the lockdowns and reduced social gatherings have increased...
How to adapt exercises at home to ensure mental wellbeing?

How to adapt exercises at home to ensure mental wellbeing?

Do you feel stressed working from home all day? Do surprise deadlines in odd hours scare you even while you rest? Is there a constant pressure to hustle even if you are not lagging behind?  It will not be surprising if all these sounds familiar to you....

Everything you need to know about Personal Trainers

Let’s state the harsh reality. Most of us have “fitness goals” that we never seem to achieve. Be it in terms of the desired body or being extremely fit, health and fitness require hard work and attention of its own.  If you are already into your fitness journey,...

Best Remote Desktop Software

What seemed like a distant dream has now become a reality. The technology in modern times has advanced so much that it is now possible to work from a remote location. Nowadays, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues and friends, and even carry out...

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What is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)?

What is VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)?

The use of virtual machines to manage and provide virtual desktops refers to Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). It holds desktop environments on a central server and positions them to end-users on request. How does VDI work? Two types of VDI provide different...

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

What is Infrastructure as a Service?

Introduction With the technology sector expanding rapidly, cloud computing has become one of the industry’s significant needs.  It saves you space, time, and money; so many companies prefer to use cloud computing for their business. Infrastructure as a Service or...

What Is Microsoft Azure And Why Use It?

What Is Microsoft Azure And Why Use It?

As one of the most efficient cloud service providers, Microsoft Azure offers users cost-efficient and management friendly services. It aids businesses or companies in virtual computing, cloud data storage, computing solutions and, the like. Azure is the first choice...

What Is Citrix Server?

What Is Citrix Server?

In a world of increasing demands and rates for different types of applications or software, Citrix is an ideal virtualization solution to get various applications or systems without having to install it on your device. Citrix has developed the Citrix server for its...