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Why do you need online gyms? Everything you need to know about fitness training online

Written by True Topia

June 2, 2021

fitness training online

In this growing rage to catch up with the speed of the world, the last thing we take care of is our health. Just to add to the situation more, we are now confined inside the four walls of our house without having an escape route out. While this step is taken considering the best action for our health, staying at home gives an additional reason to sit in one place the whole day and never move! 

The impact?

From our physical health to our mental health everything gets spoilt without the essence of exercise in our life. You may be an extremely active person while you head out, but at home, everything just gets stagnant. 

So, how to overcome this problem? With the help of online gyms. Online gyms provide you with the ambiance and the training you need to keep your mind and body fit while you are busy working from home all day.

Understanding Online Gyms

The concept of online gyms is not new. However, since offline gyms were readily available, online gyms weren’t a preferred option then. Online gyms create a platform to ensure a virtual session for the whole gym experience. 

Now the question arises, how is the whole experience ensured online?

Either the gym or the personal trainers have their online platforms and websites where they host these sessions at a particular time online every day. People across the globe join these live workout sessions from the comfort of their homes.

The benefits of these online fitness training sessions

Do you struggle hard to make it to the gym? Do you become extra cautious while working out in public? Then online gyms are meant for you! Here are the top 6 benefits these training sessions can provide you while you make an escape plan from your work from the home schedule!

  • 24*7 access pass: Work schedules and handling home can make daily routine extremely tight. In such cases, it becomes very difficult to travel and show up in the gym or to have a fixed time for a workout every single day. In such cases, online gyms grant you 24*7 access to their workout programs. Even if you cannot make up for the live session of a particular day, you can always go and check out the recorded videos so that you don’t have to miss any allotted day for your workout plan!
  • Extremely affordable: Are you feeling skeptical about hitting the gym due to the heavy package prices they offer? Don’t let this become a barrier to your better health and mind. You can always check out the online training programs of the best trainers all around the world either on their website or their gym site and access them at a very affordable rate. These programs are designed so that people can maintain the optimum level of their health without having to spend much if they want to. 
  • Remote workout sessions: When you are at the beginning phase of your fitness journey, it is quite obvious that you may feel self-conscious. The unwillingness to hit the gym due to public exposure becomes a huge issue due to which people often don’t hit gyms. Online gyms can become the savior in such a situation. You can practice all your workout videos from the comfort of your home that ensures a sense of comfort and security. Nobody is there to watch you hence the fear of judgment goes away automatically. 
  • Expert guides: The gyms near you may not have five-star ratings. It often leads to long travel history before you reach the gym and start working out. Result? You tend to skip the gym more often. Online gyms bless you with the access of professional coaches from around the world. So, you can not only choose to get mentored by the best in town but the best across the globe! These guides layout your plans according to your work from home schedules so that you don’t have to compromise with your time management. 
  • Personalized plans: Do you have your favorite style of working out? An absolute favorite diet plan? Are you not comfortable with some workouts? Or do you need a fitness plan from the personal trainers for your personalised work out sessions? All your requirements, desired results, and preferences will be kept in mind, and a personalized plan will be made just for you when you enrol for personalized online fitness training. These plans are specially designed so that you can achieve a perfect and healthy lifestyle with your preferences. 
  • Focus and motivation: The online gyms host live workout sessions where people from all around the world join this community and build a healthy lifestyle together. Also, a lot of people join these programs along with you so, you will never feel a lack of motivation and focus while you enjoy training your body from the comfort of your home. 

Check out this full body workout programme in an online gym of a personal trainer. 

How to get started with this journey?

The online world seems skeptical. There are so many options available with such extraordinary claims that it gets difficult to figure out which one may be the best fit for you. 

When we opt for an offline service it is easy to figure out for yourself which one to opt for. But how to ensure the best service at the best rates with options that are perfect for you? 

Here are a few guide steps which you can follow to ensure the best online gym experience:

  • Get a fixed budget range. Things may sometimes seem way more tempting online. It is important to set a budget for yourself and fluctuate with your program options somewhere around the same. 
  • Go through the reviews and recommendations thoroughly. We often tend to buy things that our friends’ circle buys. Hence, the recommendations are very important. This will help you get a clear idea regarding the training program’s quality. 
  • Never miss out on freebies. A lot of fitness programs offer a free trial period for some days. Do check them out for yourself and see whatever is the best bit for you. 
  • After going through all these steps, do not think twice to enroll in the perfect match you have for your online gym sessions! After all, self-investment is the best form of investment you can make to ensure a healthy lifestyle. 

Drawbacks of online gyms

Do you lack motivation when it comes to being active in your workout schedules? Are you extremely new in your fitness journey? Then maybe, online gyms are not a feasible option for you. There are a lot of talks going on regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of online gyms. Here are a few reasons why you may prefer offline gyms more than online gyms:

  • Lack of self-inspiration: If you are extremely new to your fitness journey then you might not feel extremely focused upon your goals. There can be a few days when you might just feel to skip. Online gyms don’t have the option for you to get inspiration. In traditional fitness plans, people are looking after you hence, you don’t have a way out to skip. But this isn’t the scenario with online gyms. Out here, you have to inspire yourself to get up and play the workout sessions for practice. 

One way to get out of this low self esteem loop is to get yourself a subscription plan from the personal trainers of these online sessions. This will act as a drive to work out as there will be a cancellation charge and money loss from the subscription as well. 

  • Mismatched formations: The workout sessions reach their prime effectivity level only when you maintain your postures and techniques correctly. Your gym trainers will not only ensure that you do these correctly to obtain the maximum out of it but also that you don’t injure yourself while doing so. However, this isn’t possible for trainers in the online gym. You have to look out for yourself and ensure that you work out correctly without hurting yourself. 

However, you can overcome these issues by hiring a personal trainer. They offer personal session that happens in a webcam via which they can guide your every movement and correct your postures. We will attach a link below about our next articles that discusses upon online personal trainers and offline personal trainers. 

  • Progress check: How much physical strength did you gain? How far did you progress in your fitness journey? All these remain unclear when you train from online gyms. You have to measure all this by yourself and keep a regular track. Despite this, you may not be able to keep your progress tracked the way professional gym trainers would do. 
  • Equipment Hassle: If you are opting for a beginner’s training program, it is okay if you just have a fitness mat at your home. But as you gradually enhance and willingly increase your capacity, you will need equipment such as weights, bands, and machines. All this brings in added hassle and huge expenses without which you may not be able to utilize your physical strength to its optimum level. If you stream your online gym sessions at your house itself, it may get difficult to work out the way your gym guides are performing. A lot of time you may not be aware about the correct usage of the equipment’s that may become another problem to deal with. 

All these make the online gym experience skeptical. On one side, the benefits it provides ensures even if you are sitting at home, you can have a good mental and physical health. On the other hand, you need self-inspiration to go through these training sessions regularly. 

Work Gyms: The Concept

Several experiments have been made to overcome these issues. Some people may feel extremely productive to work out every day with ease while others may not feel the push to ensure they maintain their health regularly. According to the BBC, the concept of ‘Work Gyms’ got experimented worldwide. As people from around the world got more used to the schedule of work from home, ensuring the optimum level of productivity and health was the sole concern. 

People from different countries participated in this Work gyms concept. Out here, all the participants are given a different project to work upon. They are separated into different groups to complete their work projects keeping a proper balance between the work from home routine and health. the optimum performance is made sure using a few scientific techniques such as:

  1. Pomodoro Technique
  2. Regular intervals
  3. Support groups
  4. Workout schedules

This practice showcased a lot of benefits for the people working from home in the long run. Let’s look into some of these:

  • Camera accountability:  During the project session, all the members in the group are encouraged to keep their cameras on. These sessions had a particular time mostly for 30mintues. The participants tend to be more productive due to the camera being accountable along with the timeline in which they have to complete the task. The cameras helped the participants to feel the presence of their group members ensuring that they complete the task on time without feeling lazy.
  • Isolation rescued: Freelancers often struggle from isolation due to their remote work ambiance. Along with them most of the working class is now confined in their home ensuring the remote work from home ambiance. The Work gyms ensure that even during remote work sessions, participators have a group or a partner working in the same condition on camera so that they don’t feel isolated and alone. 
  • Deep Flow: People tend to get more productive when they are having a deadline. The time sprints for each task ensures the same. Especially when the tasks are supposed to be completed within 30mins or more, people tend to work at their productivity peak. Some participants go so deep into their flow that they work way past their time sprints. This feeling of optimum productivity ends with some participants’ task achievements. 
  • Motivating talks: Each task begins with a set of alarms. In between the tasks, there are some motivating talks to ensure that the participants never feel low. There are various cycles performed wherein they give out work out schedules. They are perfectly balanced ensuring proper mental and physical health of the participants.

Yes, not every organization has come up with the work gym ambiance. However, you can always practice your work gym sessions with your colleagues and friends together to ensure your perfect physical and mental health during these unpredictable times. 

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