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Everything you need to know about low-intensity training workouts

Written by True Topia

October 24, 2021

If you are unable to cope up with high-intensity training workouts, it is not the end of your fitness dreams. You have this set of equally effective low-intensity training workout routines that can help you to walk towards your fitness goals. 

There is a huge misconception around low-intensity training that it is not that effective or cannot draw results. Exercises have to be intensive and vigorous to show visible results. But on the contrary, low-intensity training workout routines are highly effective if continued over time and can help to attain a healthy lifestyle. 

What is low-intensity workout training?

By definition, low-intensity training is when you work out with approximately 40-50% of your maximum heart rate for a stable duration. It can continue for somewhere around 20-60mins. Low-intensity training sessions are focused on some low-impact workouts. It helps to ensure that your joints and muscles aren’t stressed and burnt out. 

Low-intensity workouts are easier to complete and stick to. It is specifically designed to enable active fat-burning and enhance your overall stamina. If you are beginning out in your fitness journey, a low-intensity training workout routine can be your go-to option. 

How does low-intensity workout training work?

A low-intensity training workout focuses upon your aerobic capacity. Your body can enhance its calorie-burning ability by breaking down fats and carbs into energy. It helps to strengthen your muscles and transport oxygen more efficiently to your body. 

Low-intensity workouts can become a part of your routine in various ways. If you are beginning out and struggle to make it through the HIIT workouts, you can count on low-intensity training workouts. 

You can also include low-intensity training workouts along with your high-intensity workouts throughout the week. Since it is not advised to do high-intensity workouts every day, low-intensity workouts can be a good option to ensure that you don’t stress and burn out your body more and at the same time continue with your fitness training.

Low-intensity training helps you to stick through your fitness journey and mix up your workout routines as well. It is ideal for helping to maintain a healthy lifestyle even if you have gone through any sort of injury. 

Four LIIT workouts for beginners

Sidestep and touch

Put your feet together and slightly step out your left leg to the side. Try to touch it with your right hand now by twisting your waist. Come back to the rest position. And now repeat the same with your right leg. Keep on doing this alternatively for 60 seconds each. Take a two-minute break before doing another set.

Slow burpee

Get into the pre-race position and bend your knees as much as you can. Bring your hands to the front and place them on the floor. Push your right leg behind you and bring your left leg to the front. Hold this press-up position and again do the same with alternate legs. Get into a standing position. Repeat this series for a minute.

Assisted sit-ups

Lay straight on a mat with arms widespread and bend your knees slightly. Take the support of a mat by pressing your hand to it and slowly raise your body to the sitting position. Hold this position and again get back to the lying position. Continuously repeat it for a minute and keep your core tight throughout.

Three-point balance

Place your hands on your hip and straighten your back. Channelize your body’s weight to your right leg and try to raise your left leg from the floor. Extend the leg to three points- your front, side, and finally to your behind. Keep doing this for 30 seconds and switch your leg. Repeat the same.

HIIT VS LIIT: Which one is better?

A cohesive routine that has a proper balance between high-intensity and low-intensity training workout routines is an ideal fitness routine. Both of these routines ensure that you attain a proper healthy lifestyle without compromising or straining your body. 

Which one will be a better pick for you that depends upon your preference. If you are someone who is all pumped and physically fit to get through high-intensity training workout routines, HIIT is for you. You can reap results faster, enhance your stamina, your overall health at a much faster rate. High-intensity workouts work best if you are running low at your time span or want to push yourself to the next level. 

On the other hand, if you are not someone who likes the feeling of burnt out after every exercise, you can start with low-intensity workouts. These training sessions will give you something more doable to ensure that you stick through your routine. It is meant for any and every age group so you can start with your fitness goals with ease at any age.            

LIIT workouts help beginners to start their journey. It is also ideal for people who are above the age of 50 and want to restart or start their fitness journey. It is perfect for those break days after you have HIIT training the previous day.

Low-intensity workouts can also become your best option when you are recovering from any injury. Since it is not causing much stress to your joints or muscles, it ensures that you don’t injure yourself more. 

Depending upon what fitness goals you have your choice of training can also vary. If you are aiming to burn fat, enhance your strength and stamina and improve your muscles at a shorter duration, high-intensity training can help you achieve your goals. 

Whereas if you are preparing to enhance your endurance levels and improve your overall health without causing any major strain to your muscles, you can opt for low-intensity training workouts. 

Low-intensity training workouts are an excellent way to include a fit and healthy lifestyle into your routine without burning yourself out. If you want to get started with your journey from the comfort of your home, you can find a low-intensity training workout routine from the fitness apps as per your choice. 

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