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Best Remote Desktop Software

Written by True Topia

November 30, 2020

Best Remote Desktop Software

What seemed like a distant dream has now become a reality. The technology in modern times has advanced so much that it is now possible to work from a remote location.

Nowadays, you can easily collaborate with your colleagues and friends, and even carry out presentations and meetings without being in the same place.

This has helped a lot in the business world, enabling work from home, especially during this pandemic.

Here, in this article, we will learn more about Remote Desktop and how it helps make our work easier.

What is a Remote Desktop?

With Remote Desktop, a user can effortlessly connect with another computer set in a different location through the internet or central network. You can use another computer from anywhere around the world.

This software allows you to access a connected laptop or a desktop just as though you are sitting in front of the machine. You can make use of it for presentations, technical support, and teamwork.

Users can also transfer data between two computers through Remote Desktop without the need for email or data sharing services.

You can even print documents stored on a remote PC on your own computer’s printer.

Another reason is people who are not as tech-savvy can give access to their computer so that you can fix any issues.

It is not as easy to guide someone through the procedure of troubleshooting as it is to do it yourself.

Remote Desktop is of great use for everyone and not only for help desks.

First and foremost, you can give technical support to your colleagues by accessing their computers.

Not only that, you can easily connect to your office PC when you are out and find the files. You can also invite others to edit documents through this much easier way.

How does RDP work?

Remote Desktop is not as difficult to use as one would expect. To understand better, let’s discuss more how this software works exactly.

First of all, you do not need a network connection to use the Remote Desktop software. Neither do you need extra hardware for linking the host to the server.

What you need are internet access and a browser.

RDP lets the users see and control a host PC over the internet. In short, it is a client application.

Once you begin a session, the host computer sends out a signal via the listening port through the net. This signal is sent to the host system requesting access to your computer.

Next, the host system responds back and asks for the login details. This is done through an internal authenticating procedure.

After logging in, the user can view the remote computer screen and carry out your functions.

Remote Desktop allows you to have complete control over the hosted system. It is just like the user working in front of the local computer.

However, for RDP to work, the host computer needs to be on.

Also, bear in mind that you cannot have many connections in RDP. Your connection terminates automatically if another system tries to connect.

This software supports various network topologies, including Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN.) It also supports LAN protocols like TCP/IP.

All in all, Remote Desktop software is perfect for people working from home or other remote locations. It is now easier for employees who often travel for work to access their office system from anywhere in the world.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using RDP?

As expected, the Remote Desktop software has both its advantages and disadvantages. Let us first look into some significant benefits of the RDP:


RDP makes sure all your files, data, and documents are 100% secure and safe. All your Remote Desktop connections are guarded and encrypted by state-of-the-art technology.

Therefore, you do not have to worry about hacking or electronic theft.

Freedom and Flexibility

The main objective of Remote Desktop software is to let users do their work from anywhere around the world at any time. All you will need is an internet connection and a computer or a laptop.

Through RDP, you can even connect to any system you want.


With Remote Desktop, you do not need to buy licenses for many systems. All the connected computers use the software that is on the host system.

What’s more, it is not necessary that the systems accessing the host system have to be high-speed.

Now let’s have a look at the disadvantages of RDP:

Network Issue

Remote Desktop will work smoothly as long as the host system is connected to a strong internet connection. Or else, the RDP may stop working, and the computer will be out of reach.


The one administering the RDP needs to have the knowledge relating to the topic. Not only that, they need to be available just in case any problem arises during business hours.

If there is no one on standby to help in the event of such problems, it will significantly affect your work.

Powerful Remote Desktop Service Needed

You cannot use the Remote Desktop Protocol on a large scale without the backup of a powerful and effective RDS. This is because it needs to keep track of all the connections.

If this is not done, the connection will not be flawless and will reduce its functioning.


The service provider needs to have flawless performance and stability. If not, you will experience downtime. When the network gets down, you will not be able to access your system until it is properly repaired.

Tracking Required

As we know by now, the Remote Desktop service is highly prone to downtime if there is no consistency. So, unless you run a tracking system, the entire system will automatically break down in the event that the RDS fails.


If many systems are trying to connect to a host system at one time, there are high chances that bottlenecks will occur. This will affect the system and considerably reduce its performance.

Today’s Best Remote Desktop Software

Following is a carefully selected list of some best Remote Desktop Software you can try for yourself today.

Remote Desktop

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based software that offers both remote access as well as remote support to make the workflow smooth.

With this software, you can easily support clients from remote locations via the internet, on-demand support meetings. Besides, Zoho Assist is secure, easy to set up, and reliable.

Control remote systems such as servers, desktops, mobile phones, and laptops easily with unattended remote access. This software also enables you to share your screen.

Zoho Assist is one of the most affordable software that allows you to remote print as well as the custom brand. You barely need a minute to set up a secure connection in order to provide technical support to your customers.


  • You can set up or plan remote support sessions.
  • The software is capable of transferring files and even share your screen.
  • It maintains firewalls and proxies.
  • It can use unattended remote access to control remote systems.
  • The software is compatible with almost all platforms such as Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, Mac, Raspberry Pi, etc.
  • It comes with TLS 1.2 and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).


TeamViewer – is one of the most well-known and powerful Remote Desktop software available on the market today. It allows you to connect to computers, network systems, mobile phones, etc., anytime and anywhere.

Although this software is quite expensive, it is worth the purchase as it lets you connect to numerous systems remotely.

Apart from remote access, it also features shared meetings, which makes it ideal for corporate use.

Furthermore, TeamViewer ensures security in regards to management, remote access, and support.

Not only that, the company has implemented the Internet of Things (IoT) as well as Augmented Reality (AR) in the software. This enables the customers to make use of it to its highest digital potential.


  • In TeamViewer, you can exchange access and management from person to person.
  • It is easy to use, set up, and is extremely secure.
  • This Remote Desktop software features Augmented Reality (AR) for Windows.
  • Dragging and dropping a file from one system to another is possible.
  • The software is compatible with cross-platform such as Windows, iOS, Mac, Android, and Linux.


Founded in Germany, AnyDesk has become a popular Remote Desktop software, with over 250 million downloads all over the world.

The software features a specific proprietary codec known as DeskRT. It enables online association without any latency, no matter if you are nearby or in a remote location.

AnyDesk has an in-built address book in order to monitor the contacts as well as the connections. It even allows users to see the status online for the associates.

Companies can carry out their duty even with low bandwidth and also in places with a terrible internet connection.

In addition, it also gives access to generating invoices automatically, billing, remote reboot, and reporting the meetings.

Many technical supports make use of AnyDesk to help their customers fix any computer-related issues or remove malware. This software is relatively easy to install, and it allows you to switch between different screens effortlessly.


  • AnyDesk allows you to transfer files and also supports audio.
  • You can record your sessions with this software.
  • This remote desktop software automatically updates when there is a newer version.
  • It allows you to build connections to support speed or quality.
  • AnyDesk works on some platforms that include Windows, macOS, and Linux.


If you are looking for the right Remote Desktop software for a larger business, LogMeIn is an option you can consider. It is also an excellent choice for personal use as it allows you to remote access and shares your files too.

This well-known software is a little on the expensive side, even more than Zoho Assist. However, it features a variety of different tools, specially created for business users.

With LogMeIn, you can work together with your colleagues and teammates anytime, no matter where you are. It even lets you view files and allows remote application access.

Therefore, you can check your most-frequented websites and have access to your system applications from your supported devices. This helps you continue your work even from a remote place.

Another great feature of LogMeIn is its active accessibility. Even without a PC or a laptop, you can monitor your system through your mobile phone’s browser.

You can even access it directly from the LogMeIn mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS.


  • This software comes with powerful features.
  • You can store your files, share, and work together with others from all your devices.
  • With just a click, sharing, storing, and collaboration is made easier.
  • Screen sharing is also possible.
  • LogMeIn allows remote access to your desktop from your laptop, mobile device, or web browser.

ISL Light

Another reliable remote desktop software, the ISL Light, provides technical support to the clients and accesses unattended systems as well.

This software is cloud-based and works on cross-platform, so it is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, or your mobile phone. It also offers an on-premises service.

It is quite simple to operate and lets you access and monitor a remote system or any server without taking much time. You can also view all the remote screens on one single monitor.

ISL Light lets you connect to unlimited systems as well as transfer files, chat, video call, share screen, etc.

It also comes with extensive choices for customization and even white-labeling for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Furthermore, it is highly secured with two-factor authentication, making it ideal for banks, hospitals, insurance companies, etc., around the world. 


  • With ISL Light, you can share your screen at high speed. 
  • It enables the rebooting and restarting of a remote system in one session. Mobile support is possible for Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
  • It features a 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and 2048-bit (RSA) security.
  • This software also allows recording, screen sharing, transferring of files, and multiple screen support.
  • By downloading the ISL Light mobile application, your customers can join the session from anywhere.


GoToMyPC is a remote software tool that allows users to access computers remotely through secure internet connections. It is well-built and relatively simple to operate, offering excellent stability between use and performance.

Remote Desktop Software

Not only is the software flexible, but it is also portable, providing an effective work mechanism. GoToMyPC is an excellent option for those who make use of tablets or mobile devices to perform tasks. They can connect to the workstation from home or even from a distant place.

The software also guarantees high-powered security with the help of AES data encryption. Another great thing about it is you can easily install GoToMyPC and start your work in an instant. It also has the capability to print your documents remotely, simplifying your work.

It allows you to connect to multiple systems without having to worry about the performance going down. Not only that, it ensures transparency so you can check who is online and who is not.


  • The users can access remotely on devices such as MAC and PC from any location.
  • Simple copy and paste between the connected systems.
  • You can transfer files effortlessly to other shared systems.
  • It enables you to listen to music or other sounds on the accessing PC. This only works on PCs.
  • You can display all the screens that are connected to your system.

Supremo Remote Desktop

If you are looking for lightweight software without the need for installation, then the Supremo Remote Desktop is for you. Apart from installation, you do not have to do any configurations for accessing the remote system.

This software lets you connect to numerous systems on a single machine simultaneously. Not only that, you only need one license for multiple computers.

You can even download the Supremo Remote Desktop as a Windows service.

This feature is quite beneficial as the software will start automatically whenever Windows launches. Doing so will enable users to manage the remote system without the need for human interference.

Besides, the software is reasonably priced, so you can purchase this without breaking the bank. For those using Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS, Supremo Remote Desktop is a great option.


  • There are no limitations on the installation of this software.
  • It features an efficient address book to keep a record of your connections.
  • Online reports help you keep track of remote connections.
  • This software allows you to chat with your colleagues and clients.
  • Its file manager is relatively simple to use.
  • It will enable you to customize the interface using your brand and logo.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we have covered the topic of Remote Desktop Software and its functionality. We have also put together some of the best RDS tools along with its features for your benefit.

Do keep in mind that it is best to consider all the attributes it has to offer before making your purchase.

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