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Working From Home Tips

Written by True Topia

September 7, 2020

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Working from home is quite common nowadays in companies and businesses. There are many who work remotely from their homes. It is beneficial in many ways as it boosts our performance as well as business stability.

Not having to work from the office but from home can provide you with ample opportunities to attain a better work-life balance. It will also help you personalize your working day.

However, working from home has its disadvantages too. You will not be as focused as you are at your work office if you do not manage your schedule well.

In this article, we have compiled some essential tips and practices to advise how to work from home.

Get Started Early

The necessary commute when operating in an office wakes you up. It makes you ready for work before you reach your desk and start your daily routine.

On the contrary, getting up from your bed and starting early is not an easy task when you are working from home.

To work productively from home, you need to first create a to-do list and dive right into it after you wake up. Do not let your breakfast delay and let your laziness wear your motivation down.

The first thing you need to do in the morning as soon as you wake up is to get your project started. By doing so, you will make progress in your remote work steadily all through the day.

Structure Your Day Like You Would Work in the Office

It would be best if you manage yourself when working from home. Using your work schedule at home throughout the day will help you get your job done faster. It will also keep you productive and motivated.

When you are at work, you usually have tasks scheduled like meetings and such. However, without such things at home, you can quickly lose focus and feel uninspired.

Working From Home Tips

To avoid this, make use of online calendars like Google Calendar to create reminders and events. Divide what to do and when throughout your day. It will also remind you when a new task starts.

Also, stop working when the day is over. You should not work for the whole day and night at home just because you can. Take advantage of the flexibility you get from working remotely.

With all that said, take time to pat yourself on your back after a job well done. Congratulate yourself for tackling a major task and reward yourself with a long break or a cup of steaming hot tea.

By doing so, you feel optimistic about your accomplishments and more encouraged to work harder. It ensures smooth sailing of your work for the coming days.

Discover Your High Productivity Hours

Depending on every individual, the productivity level varies. Some may discover they are more focused and productive in the morning hours. While for others, they may have higher productivity levels in the evenings.

Hence, you need to find out when you feel most productive and create your work timing around your high productivity hours.

Each individual has a recurring cycle, known as an ultradian rhythm that the human body experiences every day. A cycle of around 90 to 120 minutes affects how productive and focused we are.

In the beginning, you will feel energized and alert. At the end of the cycle, you may feel unfocused and exhausted. Hence, you need to learn to use your peak time properly.

Keep in mind that the right hour is better and more beneficial than longer ones.

Choose a Dedicated Workspace

Working from home does not mean you cannot have your own office at home. It is tempting to do your work from your bed or even your couch, but this could affect your productivity.

When you are too comfortable and relaxed, you automatically end up feeling sluggish. You waste your time away instead of working.

Do not confine yourself in your room where your bed calls you or continuously change the location. Instead, dedicate a particular workspace or room in your house for your home office where you can do your job with ease and dedication.

Also, you need to respect your workplace. Make sure you have an encouraging and supportive environment for work. Set up working hours and let your family know when you are working and do not want to be disturbed.

If you are living with your family, have a discussion with them about respecting your workspace. It may be while you are working and even when you are away from your desk.

Dedicated Workspace

Furthermore, you can even go to a Wi-Fi-enabled workplace like the library, coffee shop, shared office, etc. Make it your workspace where you can work with a cup of coffee to keep you focused. It will undoubtedly help you be in the right state of mind.

Create Routine

Why is this step necessary? Well, first of all, deciding to work and actually doing it are not the same.

It is one thing to decide when to step into your workspace and start working. It is another to create a routine for your work.

Your routine will indicate when your work will start. Be it after your morning walk, a cup of tea, or even after you get dressed. Believe it or not, getting dressed instead of wearing your pyjamas get you mentally refreshed and helps you be more focused.

Having said that, a routine does not have to start specifically in the morning. It could even be at noon, afternoon, or any time of the day.

Make a habit of creating a routine. It is more helpful and powerful compared to a clock to get your work started. It can also help you trace your work patterns and avoid fatigue that follows with overwork.

Take Breaks

While it is vital that you stay focused when working from home, it is also essential that you take necessary breaks. Remember, health is wealth!

Some people forget to self-care or take a break when they get so occupied in their work project. It is understandable that you want to complete your project on time.

However, if you spent your entire day cooped up in your workspace, it will eventually ruin your health. You need to take time out to take care of yourself. Step away from your laptop or computer, stretch yourself, and recharge your body and mind.

There are indeed lesser distractions at home, but that does not mean you have to over-commit. Sometimes over-working can cause stress and ends up killing productivity.

Therefore, it is best to take short breaks away from your laptop. You could even take a walk to freshen up your mind. Besides, taking breaks help boost your imagination and productivity levels.

Interact with Other Humans

Just because you have found your dedicated workspace does not mean you have to stay cooped up in there. As mentioned in the point above, take short breaks and while doing so, remember to interact with other people as well.

FaceTime or make a phone call to your family or friends. Interact with your colleagues through apps such as Slack, Skype, etc. It does not cost you even a cent for a little bit of human interaction. 


You could even go out to run an errand, buy groceries, whatever you like. Doing these activities will keep your sanity intact and help you reorganize. You will be able to tackle any task that comes your way.

It is true that some work best in silence and with no distractions, compared to the constant buzz in the office. However, social interaction is essential. It is crucial for our mental well-being. It can also lighten your feelings of isolation.

Be Positive

A problem most people working from their homes face is the difficulty in expressing their thoughts or ideas appropriately in writing. When working remotely, one thing you need to remember is always to be positive.

One disadvantage of remote working is that our tones are easy to misread, and there are chances of it getting misinterpreted.

Being unable to interpret someone’s emotions in writing could create problems at times. Unfortunately, you may even risk coming off as rude or even a jerk.

To avoid this setback, write your message in such a way you know you do not offend people. Remember to re-read your statement or email before you send it.

You can also use an exclamation point or even find an emoji to use. It will support your emotions with anyone you chat or mail with.

Similarly, you should also make sure not to be easily offended by snide or short replies. Some people are simply efficient in their responses.

Final Thoughts

In the first place, shifting to the comfort of one’s home from an office environment can be quite a challenging task. To achieve higher productivity, you need to learn to do your work effectively and efficiently from home.

Simply follow these tips, and you will notice that you can even achieve a productive day working from home. It is time for you to lead a more fruitful and beneficial remote working life.

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