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June 5, 2021

Out of all the lessons that the pandemic offers, the concept of work from home was listed at the top. We all have thoroughly come to terms with the fact that ‘work from home’ isn’t a piece of cake as it sounds. Starting from all the unconventional work lifestyle to all the physical and mental pressure we have to deal with, work from home can take a huge toll on your health if you do not take enough care of yourself.

So, what can be the way out of this misery? Well, yoga has been one of the biggest answers to this. Many people chose the path to adapt yoga into their lifestyle now, more than ever. But before we dive into the benefits, let’s have an in-depth idea about how work from home can decrease your health conditions.

The side effects of work from home

1. Extensive burnouts in energy: Schedules of work from home can often lead to overtime working. No fixed time limit leads to regular burnouts in terms of energy decreasing your overall health. 

2. Increased stress levels: With no office support system and the constant confusion created by uncertain deadlines often increases stress levels that become difficult to deal with. 

3. Desktop jobs ease joint pain: Stuck in our homes, the only routine that we follow is the bed to desk. Spending almost 80% of your time at your desk can lead to inevitable joint pain along with eye strain. 

4. Reduced levels of focus and concentration: When we work from home, our personal and professional routines get intermixed. Adding to this chaos, constant deadlines and endless meetings clutter our brains reducing our focus and concentration levels to their lowest. 

5. Reduces team spirit and overall morale: Are you constantly stressed about the unpredictable work life along with the unscheduled work life? You will probably be more mentally aggressive leading to constant arguments and unwillingness to work cooperatively. All this can play a vital role in decreasing your overall mental health and decrease your morale boost. 

6. Too many distractions: Not everyone will understand your work hours. Since you are at home, people can call you any time and your house members can also expect help even during work hours. 

7. Lack of structure: There is no proper routine that you have to follow. You stay at home all day. Even the work hours extend and so does your routine. There is not a structure that can be followed throughout the day. 

You can check out the effects of working from home in this article:


The benefits yoga offers both physically and mentally are too good to look away. Let’s look into some key benefits of how yoga can you deal with your work from home situation better. 

Ways how yoga can aid problems caused by working from home

1. Enhances energy levels: This sudden lifestyle change is making most of us feeling burnt much earlier than we used to. An unconventional lifestyle consumes more energy even without realizing it. Practicing yoga early morning can help you kick-start a day in a pumped-up manner so you have high energy levels throughout your day. 

2. Get rid of body pain: Doing your desk non-stop for long hours can not only hamper your eyesight but also cause severe damage to your neck and back joints. Along with that, you feel less flexible and more prone to injuries. Yogic exercises help to elevate your stretch ability and get rid of all the joint pain improving your health that can help you lead a better lifestyle. 

3. Clear your mind: One of the biggest disadvantages of work from home is a loss of a proper schedule. Everything seems so faded that there is always a tendency to overwork at a stretch without taking a break. Yoga helps to clear your mind from all the work stress and helps to elevate your mood giving you that perfect dose of energy to resume your work with a clear mind. 

4. Elevates your mood: Work from home schedules have elevated the stress levels in our lives up to a vast extent. We all well know that Yoga releases positive hormones into our body such as dopamine, oxytocin, and others that help to elevate your mood so you can cope up with all the stressful situations in a much better manner. 

5. Keeps you more mindful: Working for long hours in the same ambiance can often leave one frustrated and dull. You might find it difficult to concentrate on work. This can lead to delay in the work, extension in your working hour schedule, added stress, and frustration. Practicing yoga every day will increase your mindfulness and will help you to be more focused in your work ambiance, so you can accomplish your tasks at a much faster pace leading you to a healthy work from home environment. 

You can check out this video to understand how you can improve your lifestyle during a pandemic with the help of simple yoga:

How can yoga help you uplift your mental and physical health?

Most of us hear about practicing yoga and including it into our daily lifestyle almost every day. But what are the health changes that yoga can introduce into your life for a better lifestyle? We will look into some of these points below:

1. It helps you to learn to breathe: One primary focus of yoga is to teach mindful breathing both metaphorically and literally. Mindful breathing can help ease and improve our body’s physical system and give us space and time to take a break from the stressful routine. 

2. It enhances your strength and endurance: The yogic postures are designed according to the body’s pressure points. It helps to stimulate the better functionality of our organ systems. Along with that, practicing yoga helps to build body strength, immunity, and endurance to ensure better performance. 

3. Increases balance and flexibility: We often become the victims of joint pain because of reduced movements leading to loss of flexibility. Yogic postures include a lot of balancing acts that helps to make your muscles more flexible and reducing your joint pain issues. 

4. Reduces common health problems: The eating habits and the lifestyle that we follow often lead to common health problems such as obesity, cholesterol, blood pressure, unhealthy heart rate variability, kidney dysfunction, menopause symptoms, etc. Yoga focuses on maintaining the full body functions that help you to get rid of all these common health problems leading to a better lifestyle, especially amongst these uncertain times when you are mostly at home. 

5. Reduces psychotic and stress symptoms: As discussed above, work from home conditions can draw in an excess amount of stress that may hamper your mental health and sleep cycles. Yoga helps to get rid of these conditions, ensuring a proper balance in your mental health leading to a healthy sleep cycle for a better lifestyle. 

6. Improves your body posture: From the early ages, yogic asanas are well-known for their postures. Practicing these asanas helps to improve your body flexibility that further helps to improve your body posture. Slouching at your desk work the whole day can badly affect your spinal cord changing your body posture. Yoga helps to get rid of all the excess stress built upon your back and elevate your body into a better posture. 

You can check out the benefits of practicing yoga from this article:

How to begin your yoga journey at home?

Because of the pandemic, we all are avoiding public gatherings as much as possible. In this situation, going out for yoga training may not be the best option. If you are a beginner who wants to kick-start or restart your journey of a healthy lifestyle from home, then online yoga training sessions is something that you should go for. You can avail the benefits of practicing yoga from the comfort of your home with ease.

Sometimes online training programs can get overwhelming. To help you choose the best yoga training sessions for you, here is a step-by-step guideline that you should follow:

1. Figure out your type: There are various styles and asanas practiced in different plans of yoga training. Find out the style and type that you prefer and the goals you want to achieve and then choose plans according to that. 

2. The class type that attracts you: If you are more of a community person then you might like the group workout sessions. However, if you want to be trained individually, opt for personal online training sessions. 

3. Check out for budget, rating, and testimonials: After figuring out your style and class type, find out the classes that fit your budget and then hunt down for the best-rated ones. After that, check out what the students have to say for the same. Testimonials are a good way to find out whether this type is meant for you. 

4. Check the trainers: A huge part of yoga focuses upon the vibe. Hence it is important to pay attention to your trainers and the vibes you receive from them. 

5. Listen to your gut feeling: Lastly, it all boils down to what your gut feeling is saying. If your gut feeling is not confident enough, maybe you should rethink your decision. 

Various styles of yoga classes

There are various styles of yoga classes available each of them catering to some needs. Some of the most common ones include:

1. One on one class: Here an individual trainer comes to your desired location to train and help you through your yoga sessions. If you specifically have some issues that need extra attention and care, this one might be the perfect fit for you. 

2. Community sessions: If you love to develop and grow as a community then this style is meant for you! Here a community of people gets training following a routine and style to adapt yoga regularly. This helps to boost motivation and confidence which helps you stay focused. 

3. Online training: As the world is still fighting against the pandemic, it is more workable to prefer online training sessions over offline. Are you looking to practice yoga without having to step out and have a community? Online training can help you out. 

We have done a detailed discussion upon online training and trainers in our previous article. We have given the link below in case you want to learn more

4. Online personal training: If you are looking for individual help to cater to your special needs from the comfort of your home, then online personal training is probably your yoga class style. 

Are you eager to know about every aspect of personal trainers or any other queries about personal training? We have an article specially dedicated to the same. We have given the link below for you to check it out:

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